ancestral healing & lineage repair

In my practice I frequently work with people who sense that part of their role in this lifetime is to transform dysfunctional patterns in their ancestry and bring about healing for their lineage. This conversation comes up so often that I have come to think of this work as a part of the transpersonal generational task that we are here to do on the planet at this time. In support of this task there has been a great emergence of resources for ancestral healing in the past few years.

Ancestral work can take many forms and there are many routes to connect with and know our people. Some of these may include:

  • genealogical research

  • genetic testing

  • gathering stories from our living relations

  • somatic awareness and meditation practices

  • direct cognition through non-local consciousness such as ‘journey’ and dreamwork

Methodologies have pros/cons and considerations. For example, genealogical research has implicit bias and privileging of white/European ancestry. Genetic testing can be costly, opens the door to scientific racism, and offers less than accurate data on ancestry. Family history and genealogical information may not be available to those who were adopted. In my work, I build on the practices for ancestral relationship that a person already has in place, and will encourage exploration of somatic and direct cognition methodologies in our sessions through traditional/intuitive energy work and co-creation of ritual and ceremonial practices for ancestral relationship and healing. This is a creative process informed by practices from my own lineage.

I have been offering in-person and web-based programs on epigenetics and ancestral healing since 2016 and have 25 years of experience and study of traditional healing modalities and ritual. I believe strongly that this work be decentralized and accessible, since ancestor reverence can be found in the roots of all of our human cultural lineages worldwide.

ancestral healing session

During a Traditional/Intuitive Healing session, we explore your connection with your ancestry using the methodologies and resources mentioned including any specific practices from your lineage. A session will often include a plática, heart to heart chat, followed by opening ceremonial space for the work, and conclude with guidance and support gleaned from the session for supporting the continuation of your process.

This work can be done in person, or remotely via phone or Skype.

I propose a new perspective on imaging a new relationship to the imagination, to healing, and to shamanic spirituality…I delve into my own mythical heritage and spiritual traditions, such as curanderismo and Toltec nagualism, and link them to spirituality, spiritual activism, mestiza consciousness, and the role of nepantla and nepantlera. I enact spiritual mestizaje - an awareness that we are all on a spiritual path and share a desire that society undergo metamorphosis and evolution, that our relationships and creative projects undergo transformations.
— Gloria Anzaldúa, Light in the Dark/Luz en lo Oscuro: Rewriting Identity, Spirituality, Reality