Cultivating Gratitude


Did you know that the heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field in the body? The electrical field of the human heart is 60 times than that of the brain, and its magnetic field is 5000 times greater. This electromagnetic field can be measured with instruments, and has been found to extend several feet beyond the body.  Studies of the heart’s electromagnetic field show that it receives information from the surrounding environment, and also transmits information about one’s emotional state. Positive emotions such as gratitude, love and joy correlate to larger electromagnetic field, whereas negative emotions correlate to a more constricted field.


Cultivating emotional states like gratitude create heart rate variability rhythms that are highly organized and coherent, and are associated with better physical, mental and emotional health. These positive emotional states enhance coherence of neurological and biorhythms, improve immune function and elevate mood. Try the meditations below to enhance your experience of gratitude every day.




Heart-rhythm Meditation

Place your hand on your heart, and close your eyes. Coordinate the breath with your heartbeat. Breathe out while counting 8 heartbeats, then breathe in while counting 8 heartbeats. 

Breath in the Heart

Focus your attention on your heart area, imagine breathing through your heart.  Breathing deeply, inhale for a count of 5-6 seconds, then exhale for 5-6 seconds. 

Gratitude, Love and Awe

The three frequencies of gratitude, love and awe are essential 'nutrients' for cultivating wellbeing and empowering your life. Sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, call to mind things that you are grateful for and spend several moments experiencing the sensation of gratitude. Next, focus your attention on people or things that you love. This could be a family member, a sweetheart, a pet or even a cherished object or experience that you love. Take a few moments to dwell in the vibration of love. Finally, bring to mind something that makes you feel awe, such as a powerful place in nature or awe-inspiring experience. Soak in the feeling of awe.