Ancestral Practice: Collecting Dead Relatives


Recently I was driving and spotted a license plate frame that read ‘Geneology: Collecting Dead Relatives.’ I loved this because I’ve been immersed in the work of Collecting Dead Relatives in earnest for the past several years. As a recovering Catholic, I grew up lighting candles for family members who had passed, and honoring All Saint’s Day by visiting grave sites with flowers and cemetery candles that would be kept burning for the entire month of November. Later in life I reclaimed my ancestral tradition of celebrating Día de Muertos, or perhaps my Mexican ancestors reclaimed me by remembering me to this practice. Over the years my celebration of this period has expanded to last several days or even weeks with an elaborate ofrenda altar and preparation of special meals. I am called to honor and remember not just those who have been lost that we know and can name, but also those farther back through the years who don’t have a name on the family tree.

In my passion for ancestral reclamation I have collected many dead relatives through genealogy, research, connection through ritual and meditative practice, and genetic testing. I’ve unexpectedly found living cousins, to be sure. But the most profound part of this process has been the work of transforming ancestral patterns through care, attention, and healing in my own body. As a healing practitioner I firmly believe that we have the capacity in the present to transform the narrative of the past through our healing, to shift the embodiment of patterns in our lineage and affect both past and future generations. I’ve experienced this myself in many ways, through healing processes that continue to unfold, time-traveling through the portal of the body and the genetic code to transmutate and metabolize what was left unresolved from the past.

This work has been a huge part of my own healing journey and is a central component of the healing work I do with others. So often the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual malaise that folks are living with have a root in inherited ancestral patterns. For the past several years I’ve been convinced that doing ancestral healing work is integral to shifting our course of planetary harm, and is not only transformative for individuals and the collective but a form of social justice activism.

Please join me for an upcoming workshop on Ancestral Healing through the creation of an ancestral practice…


October 24, 2018


6:30-8 pm

Who are your people? If you long for connection with your ancestral roots, healing for your lineage, and to be in right relationship with the past and future of your family (blood and chosen), join us for an exploration of creating ancestral practice. Centered around contemplative practices and ritual, you will receive a grounded foundation for building a bridge to honor and heal those who have come before.

This event is suitable for anyone who has a calling to participate in planetary healing through ancestral lineage repair, whether your ancestors are known or not, beginning right where you are.

Cost: sliding scale $15-25