Focus the Mind: Season of Air

"Because manifestation originates in thought, it is with the mind that you begin the work. It is through consciousness that you experience an awareness of life, explore the potentials of reality, and choose what sort of life in which to participate. The intentions of a spiritual path begin in the mind. It is here that understanding awakens and freedom is realized."

Lauren Cruden, The Spirit of Place

The Spring Equinox on March 20th ushers in a new phase in the wheel of the year, known in some traditions as the Season of Air. The elemental qualities of this season correspond with new beginnings born out of The Void, with the original manifestation of awareness. Like the sun rising in the East, the season offers new beginnings and great potential. The portal of The Void offers the potential of bringing forth into the material world that which we can consciously imagine, so choose your thoughts well! 

Harnessing the energy of the season of air amplifies our ability to explore awareness through exercises of perception, visualization, and practicing the power of intention. For the next twelve weeks I will be offering a program for radical self care, working with season of air using techniques including:

  • Mindful breathing
  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Sound and vibrational medicine
  • Practicing intention

We are living in unusual times, and it couldn't be more clear that the time is now to  embark on radical self care to facilitate the embodiment and manifestation of the world we wish to live in.  The constellation of each of us as individuals networked together creates a signal-boost to the world, amplifying a message of peace, justice, integrity and wholeness. Joining with similar networks, we comprise a larger movement likened to the immunity of the Gaia organism. Heal yourself, heal the world!

My intention for this group is to support your self care practice for personal wellness and transformation, within a container of community.  During the 12-week period between Spring Equinox (March 20) and Summer Solstice (June 21), this web-based community will provide a container of support for individual and transpersonal processes centered around themed teachings (mind/body medicine, ritual/alchemy, shamanism, divination) dealing with consciousness.  Participation includes:

  • monthly group conference call
  • weekly email containing support tools such as writing prompts, recorded audio meditations, ritual instructions, and other resources for self-healing and empowerment to work with at your convenience
  • moderated private Facebook group for discussion and group support

If you feel you could benefit from support during these challenging times, if you want a daily/regular self care practice but struggle to stay consistent, if you are struggling to stay centered and grounded in a chaotic world, if you wish to THRIVE and be the best version of yourself, this program is for you!

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