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Alex Grey

Alex Grey

the energy body

The physical body is rich with energy centers which are clusters of neurons known as plexi. Consider that neuronal impulses are conducting low level electromagnetic energy throughout your body. The field of electromagnetic energy that flows through and around your body has is sometimes called the aura (Latin, Greek origin), the etheric body, or the energy body, and can be photographed using Kirlian photography. The nerve plexi have been contextualized in various traditions of medicine and spirituality including the Ayurvedic system where they are known as ‘chakras,’ in Chinese Medicine where they are called ‘dantian, ’ and Mayan cosmology the ‘chacla.’

Contemporary science is gaining a greater understanding of the subtler energy fields, although as of yet this remains far from mainstream. For example the work of Rupert Sheldrake explores the organizing effect of subtle ‘morphogenetic fields’ which influence the manifestation of form and are reminiscent of what has been called the etheric field. His research demonstrates that the morphogenetic field is made up of probability of existence, and that the probability occurs prior to the manifestation of form.

clearing energy

In order to embody and live into our intentions, we need to clear out the stuff that gets in the way. This can include our own internal resistance to change, outdated beliefs, cultural or family programming, other people’s beliefs or expectations, etc. Sometimes it’s helpful to identify and name what it is that we need to release, but with some of the clearing techniques introduced this week, that is not even necessary. Clearing your physical and energetic space provides immediate relief, and is essential for maintaining wellness, especially during challenging circumstances. Clearing is an ongoing process of self-care, so these are tools that you can work with regularly.



biomagnetic communication & coherence

The impulses produced by the AV node in the heart which regulates heart rate and rhythm produces an electromagnetic charge which can be measured on instruments such as EEG. Studies show that electromagnetic wave produced by one’s heart extends at least several feet beyond their physical body. Researches at HeartMath have investigated the impact of biomagnetic communication and coherence, which means that by being in proximity to other people (and animals) we are affected by their heart rate and rhythm, which varies with emotions and stress. Studies have shown that for anxious people, just being in the presence of calm individuals has a regulating effect on their autonomic nervous system and heart rate and rhythm through the phenomenon called coherence, whereby our heart rates syncopate when we are close to someone. Similar effects take place via electromagnetic impulses from brain wave activity, and through mirror neurons in the brain which mimic the emotional state of others in our environment. For empaths and highly sensitive folks, this can have a big impact on one’s energy field and energetic hygiene’ is a necessary way of clearing one’s field of the energy of others.

Excerpt from Psychic Psychology

by John Friedlander and Gloria HEMSHER

Your personal aura is sometimes called your energy body. It is similar in one way to your physical body and very different in another. Your energy body or personal aura is similar in that it has one central location: the bubble of energy that surrounds you. But unlike your physical body, portions of your energy body can leave your aura and get intermixed with other people’s auras. When you are in resistance your energy crosses boundaries and gets stuck in other peoples auras and vice versa.

This movement of bits of your energy body into other people’s auras and theirs into yours is problematic because every bit of personal aura energy has emotion and an impulse or directionality, ie intention of the person to whom it belongs. When you get enmeshed with another person, your energy, emotions, and intentions and their energy, emotions and intentions get intermixed.

When this mixing takes place each person suffers two losses: 1) Each, when feeling and thinking, will experience the others’ feelings and intentions as their own; and 2) Each loses access to the energy information that has left their own aura and entered the other person’s (for as long as that energy remains outside of the aura of the person to whom it belongs).

Part of your developmental task is to retrieve your energy from wherever you’ve left it, assimilate it, and bring your experience into current time.

Breathe your energy back: First, imagine someone with whom you feel you have an enmeshment. Then inhale gently and breathe your energy back into your body and aura from their aura. With each exhalation, intend to gently release the person’s energy from your body and aura to return to them. Repeat the process three or more times, or until you feel a comfortable separation.

See your energy return to you: First, imagine someone in front of you with whom you feel you have an enmeshment. Next, see your energy as having a color or colors and call it back into your body and aura. And last, imagine his or her energy as having a color or colors and allow it to release from your aura and return to them. Repeat the process two or three more times, until you feel a comfortable separation.

Give someone a rose: Another very effective and charming technique for giving someone their energy back is to present it to them in a rose. Western mystics have used the rose symbol for thousands of years because of its rich archetypal value, somewhat similar to the way the lotus is treated in many contexts in the East. Imagine a rose in front of you 3 to 6 inches in diameter. Give it a color and as much detail as you can. Let it dissolve and repeat until you feel comfortable with the process. Next, create a rose and empower it with the ability to pull energy out of your aura and hold it for you. Let it dissolve, and repeat until you feel comfortable with the process.

Difficult relationship, situation or memory: Use the following exercise for someone you are having difficulty relating to or communicating with. Sit comfortably in your chair, feet flat on the floor, legs and arms uncrossed. With a sense of openness, close your eyes and breathe gently into your belly. Allow your awareness to rest gently behind your eyes. With openness and a sense of adventure, remind yourself that you are not a mere victim. Create a rose out in front of you to retrieve and hold your energy. Give your rose the ability to gently pull your energy out of the person/situation with whom you are having difficulty, and let your energy return to your rose. Allow your rose to dissolve and your energy to be assimilated back through your crown. Replenish your entire body and aura with golden cosmic energy. Send an energetic thank you to the person, and thank your body for being willing to change. Take a few refreshing breaths and when you are ready, stand up and stretch.

Alex Grey

Alex Grey


Though the concept of ‘boundaries’ may sound abstract, they are tangible things that exist on every plane - the physical, mental, and energetic/spiritual. Simply put, boundaries determine ‘what is me, and what is not me’. Boundaries are also our personal code of ‘what is ok and what is not ok’. On the physical level, there are numerous examples in our bodies of boundaries: cell membrane, the tight junctions between cells that form the gut barrier, the gap junctions between cells in nerves and muscle, the blood-brain barrier- and the immune activity taking place at all of these boundaries. Imbalance here can lead to chronic immune issues. Boundaries are also energetic, since our bodies are electromagnetic fields.


1. Flexible, fluid and situational - boundaries should respond to the needs of the moment. They can be moved in very close to your body in tense situations and be more expansive in others.

2. Provide information - boundaries give you information about the environment; trust your intuition or ‘gut sense.’

3. Semi-permeable - boundaries allow you to receive what you wish to take in, and share what you wish to share. Like a cell membrane they draw in nourishment, and expel or repel what is harmful or unneeded.

4. Boundaries surround your entire body and energy field

5. Boundaries respond to your needs rather than the needs of others. They take the shape and properties that best support you in living your purpose and using your power effectively through your day. Negotiating boundaries is a normal and healthy part of any relationship; boundaries by default take the form that best supports you in any situation, and then take into account others’ needs secondarily.



What does it mean to be grounded? Is this some new agey woo thing, or what? Actually no - it is actually a very OLD agey thing, going back to a time when our ancestors lived more closely to the Earth. You see, the Earth is like an enormous battery that carries subtle electrical charge. Most everything in the electrical world is connected to it for safety. Think of the electronics in your home, which connect to a ground wire going into the Earth. The same goes for human beings, which are bioelectrical beings. Being isolated from the Earth by the non-conductive materials in our shoes and footing, and not living close to and sleeping on the Earth, we’ve become disconnected. There is a growing body of data demonstrating the benefits of ‘earthing’ to reduce inflammation, normalize cortisol and the stress response, regulate mood and energy, and improve sleep. I highly recommend trying the following earthing practices whenever and wherever possible: • Spending time in nature • Forest bathing • Walking barefoot • Sleeping on the ground (ie camping) • Avoiding ambient light at night/total darkness.

Indigenous wisdom and folk traditions from ALL of our ancestral lineages draw us back to a deep connection with the Earth, natural rhythms and cycles, and our ancestors. Spending time in nature is essential for restoring this connection. Even when you can’t physically be outside, research has shown that houseplants, windows with outdoor views, and even pictures of nature indoors have beneficial physiologic effects. As well, our energy bodies respond to psychospiritual connection to the Earth, which we can restore at ANY TIME through grounding visualization practices. Grounding is fundamentally a choice: a practice of being in the present moment, in your body and in the current environment you are inhabiting. It is a choice to be awake and alert. Practice being grounded in relaxed circumstances is helpful for remaining grounded in more difficult situations.

“ When you go to sacred places, whether they’re mapped as such or not, it still remains true that that’s what they are. By approaching and being a part of those places, you do receive that from them. I’ve gone to places where I was looking at the possibility of gathering medicine, but instead I left without gathering any plant material. Instead what is gathered at some places is just knowledge in the sense of being one. You go to re-gather energy. The human body is a huge electro-magnetic feld. We have all those elements. Electricity, which is in your fber is earth, water, air, and all that runs through our being. When we’re separated from the land, we need recharging. That’s why so many of our sacred places are places where water is moving. The movement of water is negative ions. Waterfalls, the shoreline, are all places for recharging, and we are drawn to these places even as the general public that doesn’t necessarily know something is a sacred place.” — Sage LaPena, Nomtipom Wintu ethnobotanist and herbalist

Psychic Psychology Grounding technique:

To create your grounding cord you’ll imagine connecting the base of your spine to the very center of the Earth with an earthy green cord, a beam of light, or a stream of energy. The reason that we ground to the center of the Earth is that it is completely neutral. Imagine a 6 inch diameter sphere of earthy green energy at the base of your spine, and gently let it it spin for 30 seconds or so. You’ll then let it fall down to the center of the Earth, and as it is falling, you’ll allow it to create a grounding cord for you. Imagine the cord as a green, flexible, open pipe of light about 6 inches in diameter. After you create your grounding cord, turn your attention to your feet and invited a ball of neutral green energy to rise from the center of the Earth up through your feet, ankles, shins, knees and thighs, then up the front of your body and into your solar plexus area, where the ribs come together (third chakra). From there, let the intelligence of your aura automatically distribute the energy throughout your entire body and aura, and give you a healing. Last, you’ll intend that any stress, excess energy, or other people’s energy simply flow down your grounding cord, where you can let Mother Earth recycle it for you.

variation for folks female bodied at birth:

Add a cord from both ovaries, the uterus, the female creative center (about 2 inches in front of the lower belly below the navel) and both branches of sciatic nerve at the hips. Since folks born in female bodies, whether the reproductive organs are intact or not, energetically they run energy through the reproductive system in such a way that permits space for others’ energy fields (ie in carrying a pregnancy) and as such can be susceptible to carrying other people’s energy in their lower energy centers. Grounding these energetic organs helps maintain neutrality.

variation for folks male bodied at birth:

Add a grounding cord from the prostate to the grounding cord to strengthen the neutrality of grounding.