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Great Lakes Herb Faire Intensive


Intensive Option 1- Traditional Indigenous Ceremony with Sacred Plants
 With Panoka Walker, Schantell Puameole Taylor, Diana Quinn Inlak’ech, and
Adela ‘Noble Snow’ Nieves Martinez

Join us in sharing Indigenous practices with traditional sacred herbs in ceremonial space. We will be in deep reverence and relationship with plant spirit allies and each other, restoring our sense of interconnection and belonging.
In this four-hour experiential workshop, we will be sharing from several Indigenous traditions, how to be in practice with herbs that are used for healing ceremonies, as spiritual medicine, and therapy for the soul.
We will discuss the function of ceremony in healing practice, the properties/medicine of select herbal allies, and the relationship with Indigenous healing techniques. We will also create our own small ceremony and be in direct practice with the herbs.

Space is limited, so register in advance.