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Ancestral Healing Workshop with Diana Quinn ND & DK Brainard

  • SOMA Studio of Movement Arts 218 North 4th Avenue Ann Arbor, MI, 48104 United States (map)

We are living in times of intense cultural change and opportunity for releasing outdated modes that no longer serve us. A crucial element in this transformation is the acknowledgment and healing of ancestral and collective trauma, loosening the hold that old patterns have on our current lives to allow the emergence of new systems.

Trauma experienced by our ancestors -- including abuse, wartime experiences, racial and gender-based oppression, poverty, and addiction -- can change our genetic expression through inherited trauma patterns. These patterns continue to affect the structure of modern life and contribute to the societal, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues affecting us today. We who seek to transform society toward a greater inclusion, equality, social justice, environmental stewardship and life in harmony with nature, are turning to ancient healing practices to help shift these trauma patterns.

Traditional cultures have long understood that honoring the ancestors is a major key to our own health and happiness. When we clear trauma from our hearts, minds, and bodies, we are also healing our ancestral lineage - as well as clearing negative genetic patterning that would otherwise affect our children and future generations!

In this workshop, you will:
- Explore ancestral and self-healing techniques to improve personal and societal well-being
- Experience simple ways to reopen communication with helpful ancestors
- Participate in an ancestral healing ritual with the intention of clearing trauma patterns linked to personal and collective systems of oppression
- Take part in the healing revolution on the planet!

Pre-registration is required to reserve a space, $30 per person. For more information contact