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Lost Connections Book Club

  • Ann Arbor District Library 343 South 5th Avenue Ann Arbor, MI, 48104 United States (map)


Join us for a book group discussion of LOST CONNECTIONS by New York Times best-selling author Johann Hari. In this book Hari explores the underlying basis of anxiety and depression. Through interviews with experts in medicine and neuroscience, conversation with diverse communities, and thorough journalistic research, Hari concludes there are nine causes of depression - all related to disconnection - and lays out possible paths for solutions. 

We will meet four times during the summer:
Thursday May 24th Part I read to page 55
Thursday June 21st Part II read to page 155
Wednesday July 18th Part III read the rest of the book
Thursday August 23rd Synthesis and wrap up
We will meet from 7:15 PM to 8:45 PM

Location: Ann Arbor District Library, downtown branch

Book club participants are invited to purchase books through local independent community bookstore BOOKBOUND, who has generously offered a 20% discount for book club members.
1729 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor
(734) 369-4345


What really causes depression and anxiety – and how can we really solve them?

New York Times best-selling author Johann Hari suffered from depression since he was a child, and started taking anti-depressants when he was a teenager. He was told that his problems were caused by a chemical imbalance in his brain. As an adult, trained in the social sciences, he began to investigate whether this was true – and he learned that almost everything we have been told about depression and anxiety is wrong. 

On a 40,000-mile journey across the world, Hari found social scientists who were uncovering evidence that depression and anxiety are not caused by a chemical imbalance in our brains. In fact, they are largely caused by key problems with the way we live today. Hari´s journey took him from a mind- blowing series of experiments in Baltimore, to an Amish community in Indiana, to an uprising in Berlin. They taught him a radically different story about why so many of us are in deep pain – and how we can find our way back.

Once he had uncovered nine real causes of depression and anxiety, they led him to scientists who are discovering seven very different solutions – ones that work. 

LOST CONNECTIONS is an epic journey that will change how we think about one of the biggest crises in our culture today.

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