Transparency regarding fee structuring

 The cost of training, continuing education, and professional fees for Naturopathic Doctors is comparable to those of conventional medical doctors, while the typical salaries of NDs are a fraction of the earnings. Unfortunately, naturopathic doctors in the State of Michigan are not eligible to bill insurance due to licensing status and exclusion by insurance companies. As a result of being unable to bill insurance for services, my practice is fee-for-service. Maintaining a fee-for-service practice is a constant balance of covering the expenses of a medical practitioner while keeping fees accessible. There is no way to make the work financially accessible to all while at the same time being sustainable. Because increasing accessibility is a primary concern in my practice, I offer a sliding scale. I understand that even with the greatest reduction the fee is still prohibitive for some, and maintain a small number of openings for clients on a pay-what-you-can basis. These slots are prioritized for POC, LGBTQIA+, elderly folks, people living with chronic illness, and differently abled folks. Please contact me directly to inquire at info (at)