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The following resources – visualizations, meditations, energy medicine techniques, and physical self-care practices – comprise a toolkit for supporting your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  This interactive e-book contains links to mp3 audio-recorded meditations, resources and other goodies to help you on your way!


Be well!

Diana Quinn Inlak’ech, ND


All contents copyright © 2017 by Diana Quinn ND, all rights reserved.






Intrinsic to paths of nature-based spirituality are animal allies. Allies give aid: they bring information, perspective, assistance, and revelation. They summon certain qualities from the seeker, providing perspective to something that is vital to being in right relationship with yourself and the world. Each has its own particular strength and medicine.

Allies can help you through challenging stages of life, particularly times of change or transition. They provide important insights and offer their medicine to empower deep transformational work. The form an ally takes may surprise you at first, but as you engage deeply you will see what is being reflected by its presence.

Practice the following visualization technique to connect with an animal ally that is offering aid to you at this time. Keep an open mind and if necessary ask the skeptical part of your mind to wait at the door for this experience. Know that even when we ‘make something up’ in visualization journey exercises, what we are encountering are parts of our subconscious and deeper knowing, and there is no ‘wrong’ way to go about this!

Sit or lie down comfortably, taking several deep breaths to settle into your body and go within. In yourmind’s eye, visualize taking a journey to a beautiful place in nature, which can be a real place you’ve been or any natural setting that calls to you. In this place, visualize yourself meeting a guide who will lead you to the animal ally that has something to share with you at this time. The guide may be a trusted person or other supportive ally that you’ve worked with previously, such as a guardian angel, spiritual figure, or representation of your Higher Self. As you greet your guide, follow them on the path to where they are leading you to meet your new ally. This may be through new physical terrain, or may be quite familiar to you. Take in the quality of your surroundings, which is the habitat of this new ally for you. Get acquainted with their environment and pay attention to what you observe here. Now, open your heart to meeting your new ally as they come forward to introduce themselves to you. Ask them, ‘are you my ally?’ and you will find there will be an indication of affirmation if it is so. Spend some time with your new ally, perhaps make an offering of gratitude whether it be a flower, a song, a smile, a hug. Take in any information or lesson the ally wishes to offer. When it feels the time is complete, thank your ally and make a commitment to stay connected.

After your visualization journey is complete, write notes of your impressions. You may now also want to do some research on this animal, its habitat, way of life, mode of interaction, and anything else that calls to you. You may wish to avoid reading others’ interpretations of the ‘meaning’ of this animal as an ally, as while there may be generalities to certain animals, the meaning can be deeply personal and doesn’t always agree between sources. If so inclined, make an offering on your altar to your new ally or some other way of acknowledging your connection and gratitude.





Even the most evolved and spiritual among us can occasionally get blocked by notions of perfectionism, self-doubt and the myriad ways that we ‘should’ on ourselves.


The fear response is certainly HIGH in today’s world, with unprecedented uncertainty and our hectic pace of living (which has been coined ‘evolutionary mismatch’ for how poorly suited our physiology and psychology are for life in the modern world). Neuroscience has demonstrated the fear response as activating our most primitive evolutionary biology, known as the Limbic System or reptilian brain. When we are in a place of fear we operate on survival instinct. Sometimes called our ‘gut response,’ the instinctive center allows us to respond impulsively to situations that bypass our intellectual or emotional centers. In today’s world, our instinctive center can be overactive, producing anxiety and hyper-vigilance.


The instinctive center is associated with the root chakra in Hindu system, holding survival information that can triggers fear. Grounding the root chakra and placing awareness here can help us to bring the instinctive center into present time, responding to what is truly happening in the present moment and out of our habituated patterning.


It is noteworthy that the primitive brain, often called the subconscious mind, recognizes and processes an enormous amount of information from the senses that gets filtered from the conscious mind. It is possible to access this storehouse of information for good use. One method of accessing the Instinctive Center is to stop all other activity and ask yourself: ‘yes or no?’   Turn inward and tune in to your psychological or physical state. Any sensation or experience of either comfort or discomfort will give your answer. With practice, we can enhance our access this well of deep knowing and make decisions from this place, increasing the harmony of the body/mind.





Give yourself a little unconditional love with the following guided meditation!

Begin by deepening your breath, taking a few deep abdominal breaths. Allow yourself to relax and sink into your body. You may want to place your hand over your heart, or over your belly. Settle in and close your eyes. Now, imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature. This can be somewhere you’ve been before, a power spot for you, or any scene from nature that feels beautiful and nourishing. As you experience this place, notice the temperature of the air on your skin, listen to the sounds of nature where you are, appreciate the smells of this place and what it feels like to touch the earth here. Engage all of your senses. In this beautiful place in nature, you are completely safe to be fully present and alive in this moment.

Now, as you enjoy being in this sacred place, invite your True Self to come and join you here. Your True Self is your essence, the eternal part of you that is unchanging and unfettered by day to day stresses or challenges. Like your True North or your compass, the True Self is the inner voice inside that always knows what to do, how to act in alignment with your soul’s purpose, how to live with integrity and be true to your essence. We can get estranged from our True Selves in life over the course of time and it can get harder to connect with that Source. So, call this Self forward to join you in the magical place where you are.

You might experience the presence of your True Self as a visual being that you ‘see’ in your mind’s eye, or it may be a color, a sensation, or a feeling, or some other kind of knowing. There is no right or wrong, whatever you experience is exactly right for you. As you engage with your Self, ask them if they have any guidance for you at this time. This can be with regard to a particular problem, or challenge you’re facing, or just in general, how you can show up as your most authentic self in your life. Be open to any messages you are given, they may be flashes of insight, or visual images, or feelings. It may not be entirely clear right now and that is ok too.

Now, invite the True Self to a deep embrace, lovingly and with gratitude reach out and embrace your Truest Nature, and as you do, realize that you have merged and become ONE. You have invited this Essence into your being, and experience them from the inside out, reinforcing you in the strongest possible way, to realign and connect you to your soul’s purpose and true nature. As you experience this oneness, notice the COMPASSION that arises from your True Self, compassion for you in all of your struggles and challenges of daily life, of how hard it can be to be a human being. Feel the deep love and compassion and infinite patience that your True Self has for you, and how at all times they are there, available to embrace you and offer guidance and support.


As you prepare to conclude your meditation, thank your True Self for this unending compassion and make a commitment to reconnect with this source regularly.



You may have heard about ‘cleanses’ or ‘detox programs’, some of which can be pretty vigorous and heroic, and not altogether healthy. Your body has a built-in system for detoxification and simply supporting this system by removing obstacles and toxins and providing the fuel it needs will help you to feel healthy and fresh. I recommend the following for a whole body/mind detox:


●      Fast from media for several days, no electronic devices and take a break from the news

●      Take a break from negative thoughts and judgments

●      Avoid disturbing situations and toxic people

●      Fill your space with beauty with music, art, fresh flowers, wind chimes

●      Spend time in nature, try Forest Bathing

●      Meditate and/or pray

●      Practice yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi or other meditative, restorative practice

●      Put your bare feet on the Earth for at least 20 minutes each day

●      Drink plenty of water

●      Break a sweat, either through exercise, sauna, or sweat lodge

●      Get a massage or other bodywork/energy work

●      Eliminate burdensome foods from your diet, including wheat, dairy, processed foods, refined flours, sugar, alcohol and caffeine

●      Increase your intake of vegetables to at least 5 servings daily (a serving is equal to ½ c. cooked or 1 c. raw veggies), including at least one serving per day of leafy green veggies

●      Limit fruit to 1-2 servings daily of low-glycemic fruits like berries, apples and pomegranate

●      Consider fresh vegetable and fruit juicing with an emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods like cucumber, celery, lemon and lime, parsley, and liver-support foods such as beets and dandelion greens

●      Try mixing a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water and drinking this every morning, or even before each meal, to stimulate digestion and support detoxification

●      Aim for only whole foods like quinoa, brown rice, millet, nuts, beans and seeds

●      Choose lean proteins like poultry and fish, or go vegetarian

●      Try incorporating a coffee enema for added detoxification



Have you ever walked into a room and thought, ‘ooh the energy really feels bad in here’? Or been affected by a co-worker’s or family member’s grumpy mood?  Most people are aware of being at least somewhat affected by the energy state of other people or places, and people who are sensitive or empathic even more so. Thankfully, it is possible to take actions that clear other people’s energy out of our personal space and reclaim our own energy from their space.

Principles of quantum physics have explained a scientific basis for why we respond to the ‘energy’ of our environment. Although we are material beings with physical bodies, we also generate electromagnetic energy. The energy field of the body extends roughly 4-6 feet beyond the physical body, and in some systems is referred to as the ‘aura.’ Kirlian photography using simple instruments are capable of detecting the photo-electric energy of the aura, and demonstrate how this field changes over time and by being influenced by the environment.

Since as energy beings we are subject to influence by the environment, including people, places and things with which we interact, it’s a good idea to practice energy hygiene regularly to clear energy that doesn’t belong to us that is in our auric field. No matter how wonderful or wise another person may be, each of us can only operate authentically when powered by our own unique energetic vibration, and the energy of others can cloud our field and burden our energy systems. Try using the following method, adapted from the Friedlander technique, to clear your field.

Get comfortable in a seated or lying position and ground yourself using whatever technique you prefer. I recommend visualizing a grounding cord connected you from the root chakra all the way down to the core of the earth. Take a few deep breaths.

Now, visualize a large magnet about 20 feet ahead of you. Allow the magnet to draw out any energy belonging to anyone else. You can do this on the go, very quickly, and practice energy hygiene in a moment during your day, or you can take more time and be very thorough to clear the chakras, or energy systems, of the body. Let’s do that now.

Begin with the root chakra at the base of the spine. With your minds’ eye, open the chakra and allow the magnet to pull out, gently, gradually drawing out any energy held in that part of your body and energy field that does not belong to you. Keep an open mind of curiosity as you do this, and notice if there is any resistance or if anything comes up as you’re allowing the magnetism to remove these energies from your space. If it does, visualize a bubble or a rose out in front of you and allow the image, problem or idea to be pulled out into the rose. You may be able to visualize it and have some notion of what it is, but if not that’s fine too. You can put a grounding cord on the rose and either explode it or allow it to drain into the earth and be transmuted to neutral energy.

Continuing on, move up to the second chakra, the sacral chakra, and here gently open and allow the magnet to remove any energy, beliefs or ideas that are not yours, are not in current time, or do not serve your highest interest. The second chakra can be a place where we relate to others and can hold many interpersonal contracts. It’s important to clear out any residual influence of others that can be held here in the second chakra.

Now move up to the third chakra, the solar plexus, the area of free will, and allow the energy of others, outdated beliefs, contracts and agreements to be pulled out of this area. In order to reclaim our authority and operate from our own highest purpose and in alignment with Spirit we need to clear out the agendas of others, even if they have the best of intentions.  Be aware that the presence of the energy of others in our space is there by agreement, we have a responsibility for the state of our energy field, and it’s very important not to think of ourselves as victims of this. In addition, as much as we need to clear out the energy of others from our space, we also need to reclaim our energy from the fields of others. So just allow that to be pulled out.

When that feels complete move up to the heart chakra.  From here, allow the magnet to remove any energy of others that might be in this space, knowing that in doing so we do not break our bonds with others or in any way harm our relationships. In fact, we have more energy and resources to give to those relationships when we’re unencumbered by the energy of others in our space.

Now move up to the throat chakra. This is the place where we articulate that which is our highest truth. This is a place where there may be repression or inhibition, from our pasts. We can ask that any part of that ready to be released, any part of agreements made be magnetized out in front of you. 

Proceed up to the 6th chakra, the third eye, and allow that to open. Release anything that is not yours present in this area, clearing this center for insight and awareness. Associated with the pineal gland, the 6th chakra is attuned to intuition and gaining higher consciousness. When obstructed, confusion and uncertainty can result. So let’s allow the magnet to remove anything unneeded from this energy center.

Finally, move up to the crown chakra on the top of the head. Open that chakra and allow any energy present to be gently pulled out by the magnet. The crown chakra opens to our cosmic consciousness and relationship with the Divine. It governs the way that we think and what we believe is possible, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, and the central nervous system. Allow what doesn’t serve to be pulled from this powerful center.

Once this is complete, visualize a grounding cord on the magnet way out in front of you and ask that all of the energy of others that has been removed from you be drained into the earth to be recycled back to them or transmuted in way most beneficial for all. The Earth is more than happy to do this for us!

At this time, you can refresh your authentic energy in your field by drawing down cosmic energy from the heavens down into your crown chakra, down to the third eye, to your throat, down to your heart, into the solar plexus, and then down to the sacral and root chakras, all the way down to your legs and feet. Now, pull up bright green earth energy up from the center of the earth through your feet, up your legs, up to the thighs and hips, up to the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus, up through your heart, to your throat chakra, up to your third eye and out the crown. Create just the right balance for you of earth and cosmic energy, perfectly balanced and restored and programmed to your authentic vibration. Everything you contain in your space is perfectly yours. This is your medicine, authentically yours and needed by the world!