tree grounding practice

Trees offer us beautiful models for grounding. To work with a tree for grounding, find one and ask permission to touch it. Sit with your tree, quieting your mind and opening up to its innate intelligence.  Mirroring the tree, allow yourself to feel your own roots extending deep into the earth and your own branches arching up towards the sun. Breath slowly and deeply for as long as you need to. When you are done, give thanks to the tree and if possible, make an offering. This can be very simple, like a blessing, a song, some water, or some tobacco or cornmeal. After establishing this practice with your tree, you can call upon the spirit of the tree to help you with grounding even when you aren't physically present with it. 

grounding visualization

Sit in a chair with your feet touching the ground, barefoot if possible. Breathing slowly and deeply into your belly, allow the bottoms of your feet to make contact with the Earth. Visualize bright green electromagnetic energy radiating up from the center of the Earth, traveling up through the bottoms of your feet. Enjoying this sensation, feel the green Earth energy moving up to your ankles and calves. Root and plug into the Earth as you feel the bright green energy flowing up to your knees and upper legs. Know that you are anchored and held as the Earth energy fills your pelvic bowl, brimming through the hips and lower abdomen. Notice how it feels to be supported by the deep, rich earth. Be in the knowing that all living things on this planet share this same connection to the Earth. Feel connected through time and space to your ancestors who long ago walked the Earth and felt held by her. When you're ready, complete the meditation and take this grounded, relaxed energy with you through your day.

Audio for Grounding Meditation is available here. 

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