healing with sound

Sound has vibrational qualities that balance emotional states and relax the mind, and affect the physical body by regulating blood pressure, heart rate and metabolic activity. The vibratory qualities of sound have been used for millennia in healing traditions worldwide. Singing bowls, such as the metal alloy bowls traditionally used in Tibetan Buddhism, and contemporary cut crystal bowls, produce sound in sine waves that resonate and balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Studies using EEG scans show that these sound waves induce a shift to relaxed, meditative alpha brain waves. These have been found to alleviate depression, anxiety, suffering from addiction, and other ailments of the body/mind.

Each chakra is associated with notes, tones and sounds. Try working with the tones associated with the chakras for healing with sound. First, relax and focus on each chakra in turn. Breathe into each chakra, singing the tone of the chakra on exhalation. You can do this on your own, or along with crystal bowls in the notes and tones associated with each chakra. The video below is a short 14 minute meditation starting with the first chakra and moving up to the seventh. 

First: OHH (as in 'hope')
Second: OOO (as in 'you')
Third: AHHH (as in 'paw')
Fourth: AAA (as in 'pay')
Fifth: EEE (as in 'we')
Sixth: MMM (as in 'om')
Seventh: NNG (as in 'ring')

For more information about crystal bowls and additional recordings, check out the work of Danny Becher