donotloseheart (1).jpg

If you’d like, place on hand on your chest and the other on your belly

Breathe in through your nose, breathing deep into your belly

Feel the belly expand as it fills with air

Notice the sensation of the air as it enters your lungs

Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist

Clenched in resistance

Tender and fierce

Open your hand

Open your heart

Open in resilience

Open and soft

Tender and vulnerable

Held in safety

Held in community

Held in solidarity

We hold each other

We hold each other’s hearts

We hold each other’s hands

With gentle strength

We got us

Breathe into your heart

Visualize a flower from the garden of your heart

Place it on the altar at the center of the room

Like spokes on a wheel we are connected

The flowers of our hearts gathered in a beautiful bouquet

A testament to our movement

In beauty, in love, together

Occupy your heart

Be here now

Breathe into your heart

It’s ok to feel whatever may be there

There may be some emotion that is present

That’s ok, just allow

Our container is strong enough to hold what is there

Love is big enough

Alice Walker said, ‘Love is big; love can hold anger, it can even hold hatred. It’s about the intention of what you want it to do.’

Our love is big enough

To hold grief

To hold suffering

To hold liberation

To hold justice

To hold peace

To hold transformation

To hold each other accountable

Together we can hold in our hearts

We hold gratitude

For those who came before

For those who hold us up

For what we have - the clothes on our backs, the food that we eat, the roof over our head

We hold gratitude

We hold forgiveness

We hold apology… for others

Hold hand on heart

We are here

We are here

We are here

We are here in truth and love