The Instinctive Center is associated with the root chakra in the Hindu chakra system, holding survival information that can be triggered by fear. Grounding the root chakra and placing awareness here can help us to bring the Instinctive Center into present time, allowing us to respond effectively to what is truly happening in the present moment instead of out of habituated patterning.

The fear response is certainly HIGH in today’s world, with unprecedented uncertainty and our hectic pace of living (which has been coined ‘evolutionary mismatch’ for how poorly suited our physiology and psychology are for life in the modern world). Neuroscience has demonstrated the fear response as activating our most primitive evolutionary biology, known as the Limbic System or reptilian brain. When we are in a place of fear, we operate on survival instinct. Sometimes called our ‘gut response,’ the Instinctive Center allows us to respond impulsively to situations that bypass our intellectual or emotional centers. In today’s world, our Instinctive Center can be overactive and operating from fear in the negative pole, producing anxiety and hypervigilance.

It is noteworthy that the primitive brain, often called the subconscious mind, recognizes and processes an enormous amount of information from the senses that gets filtered from the conscious mind. It is possible to access this storehouse of information for good use. One way to access the Instinctive Center is to stop all other activity and ask yourself: ‘yes or no?’   Turn inward and tune in to your psychological or physical state. Any sensation or experience of either comfort or discomfort will give your answer. With practice, we can enhance our access this well of deep knowing and make decisions from this place, increasing the harmony of the body/mind.

The practice of grounding the root chakra and Instinctive Center is helpful for re-centering, recharging, and releasing, to be most effective and capable in the present moment.

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