intuitive/traditional energy work

The traditional healing session is called a límpia, which means ‘cleaning’ and is clearing energy work. The session will begin with a plática, a short chat to determine the focus and intention, followed by the work which takes place fully clothed while lying on a treatment table or seated in a chair. The límpia may incorporate a variety of tools including rattle, drum, feathers, stones, and burning of ceremonial herbs (can also be fragrance free if sensitive), and hands-on work (with permission). I am trained in Reiki and CranioSacral therapy and will often bring these techniques in for supporting the energy work and assist with healing.

More intensive sessions may include components of the following:

  • extraction of imbalanced or unhelpful energies or cords

  • clearing susto, or trauma patterns, from the energetic system

  • restoring access to dissociated or shadow elements (also known as ‘soul retrieval’)

  • ancestor work

All sessions consist of reconnecting you with Spirit and have a supportive, calming effect. Many people report feeling ‘lighter’ and more at ease following a session.

As we conclude, I will share with you any guidance that may be available for continuing to support your process. Often there will be specific plant or herbal allies that come through and offer continued assistance through flower essences, homeopathic remedies, botanical medicines, or nutritional counsel.

This work can be done in person, or remotely via phone or Skype.

feedback from clients

‘It took about three weeks for me to fully process the session and the work I have to do on my mental health. I’d been struggling with depression and dependency on alcohol just prior to that. I can confidently say, that the work you did has opened my eyes and made me less afraid and more self aware. Thank you! I’m doing much better and feel like a newer, better version of myself; more optimistic and less distracted.’