magickal herbalism

Herbs and plants have practical, everyday uses for cooking and healing, and many of these common everyday herbs are also used for magic and ritual. Some include:

Rue - cleaning and clearing

Thyme - clearing and protection

Verbena - uplifting, calming nerves

Angelica - for protection

Bay - associated with good luck and prosperity

Calendula - cleansing

Mugwort - magic, ritual, dreamwork, divination

Rosemary - memory, wisdom, raising vibration

Rose - self-compassion and love, healing

Clove- warming, carminitive digestive aid


gem & flower elixirs

Any plant, flower, rock or crystal can be made into a subtle yet powerful elixir and the best part is that we don’t have to TAKE the medicine from the earth in order to access the healing potential. Simple elixirs can be made by placing or dipping the medicine into a glass of water, or placing it in a bowl of water. This can be done also to capture the essence of astrological events including eclipses, lunar cycles, and more.

practical magic elixir

Our very own gem & flower elixir, made from ingredients from our New Moon/Uranus in Taurus Ritual and additional elements inspired by the themes of the class. Details about Practical Magic Elixir here.


Dori Midnight on making flower essences, Healing Justice Podcast

Stone rematriation and making gem elixirs