working with animal allies


Intrinsic to paths of nature-based spirituality are animal allies. Allies give aid: they bring information, perspective, assistance, and revelation. They summon certain qualities from the seeker, providing perspective to something that is vital to being in right relationship with yourself and the world. Each has its own particular strength and medicine.

Allies can help you through specific stages of life, particularly times of change or transition. They provide important insights and offer their medicine to empower deep transformational work. The form an ally takes may surprise you at first, but as you engage deeply you will see what is being reflected by its presence.

Animal allies can also offer powerful protection and support for reinforcing boundaries. Once you have developed a relationship with a animal ally, when in need you can request that the power of that animal to embody through you, imbuing you with its strength and resilience. This is a helpful technique especially when you feel depleted from maintaining energetic boundaries. Remember to thank your ally, and maintain the relationship by periodically making offerings of gratitude.

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