Constituents of Practical Magic Elixir


Oxalis (from our New Moon ritual)

Wood Sorrel helps us connect to our dignity and know our own value when we feel small or insignificant. It helps us identify with the eternal divine part of ourselves no matter what is going on around us and no matter what people are saying to us. It helps us find an unwavering calm in even the most intense or overwhelming situations. Supportive for Somatic Centering, especially when those around us are acting from extreme emotion.

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Stargazer Lily (from our New Moon ritual)

Stargazer Lily supports transformation, renewal, letting go, and supports us in accessing higher vibrations/octaves. Lily’s message is for us is to create our own lives, and in so doing, imagine and create a new world. Lily supports us in reclaiming our creative potential and inner femme nature as sacred. Lily supports the power of creativity and the artisan nature within us, helping us open to a new way of being that is more loving and compassionate. Lily supports the co-creation of new fields of expression on our planet, guiding our intuitive selves to take the lead. When our intuitive and feeling sense is the guiding force, nothing can be forced into being, only presence will work in as we call in these new energies.

Stargazer lily is gentle, subtle, fluid, and helps purify our emotional waters.



Chrysocolla is a lovely turquoise-colored stone that brings peace and tranquility. It is known as being stone supporting femme empowerment and assists with releasing old resentment and dealing with pain and anger of abuse. Chrysocolla helps open our intuition, supports clear communication and clears the throat chakra to help us speak our truth.

Usnea lichen


Lichens are amazing beings, the symbiosis of an algae and a fungus growing together as one organism. Each type of lichen has its own niche and growth habits, found in almost every ecosystem on our planet. Some lichens live on and within the matrix of rock, decomposing the stone with acids and consuming the mineral nutrients as the stone breaks down. Other lichens are epiphytes, hanging in the tops of trees and subsisting only on rain, air and sun. Such variation is possible through the adaptive intelligence and cooperation of the organisms that make up the lichen. Usnea is a lichen that has powerful immune-supportive and anti-viral properties. In essence form, it supports our cooperative natures and reminds us of our deep interdependence.

Chaga Mycellium

Mycellium build complex underground systems of interconnection and communication before producing fruit, the mushroom body. Mushroom fruiting bodies are extremely potent, some being toxic for ingestion by animals, others being profoundly powerful healers, and others opening vision and spiritual insight. Chaga is a mycellium that has powerful immune supportive and grounding medicinal properties.

From adrienne maree brown’s piece, How the Wonder of Nature Can Inspire Social Justice Activism published in Yes! Magazine: “Mycelium mushrooms have been one of my greatest teachers of trust. The word mycelium means ‘more than one.’ The mycelium organism is a dynamic root system of mushrooms that utilizes trust as a mechanism to build and sustain a vast, reciprocal, underground network that connects the roots of trees and plants and skillfully shares nutrients and resources to support the health of the entire ecosystem with which it moves. “This mycelial network cannot exist without trust. The mycelium communication highway recognizes and believes in the collective ability to channel and receive nutrients where needed, protect against parasites, and expand roots into necessary sites of growth. The network process also fosters intergenerational relationships that welcome the myriad of ancient wisdom and connections that reside in older trees to benefit younger trees. These mushrooms affirm a commitment to building relationships of trust that encourage all life to bloom. One that I aspire to embody more and more in my organizing practice.” —Adaku Utah