psychospiritual hygiene

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Have you ever walked into a room and thought, ‘ooh the energy really feels bad in here’? Or been affected by a co-worker’s or family member’s grumpy mood?  Most people are aware of being at least somewhat affected by the energy state of other people or places, and people who are sensitive or empathic even more so. Thankfully, we can take action to clear other people’s energy out of our personal space and reclaim our own energy from their space.

Principles of quantum physics have explained a scientific basis for why we respond to the ‘energy’ of our environment. Although we are material beings with physical bodies, we also generate electromagnetic energy. The energy field of the body extends roughly 4-6 feet beyond the physical body, and in some systems is referred to as the ‘aura.’ Kirlian photography using simple instruments are capable of detecting the photo-electric energy of the aura, and demonstrate how this field changes over time and by being influenced by the environment.

Since as energy beings we are subject to influence by the environment, including people, places and things with which we interact, it’s a good idea to practice ‘psychospiritual hygiene’ regularly to clear energy that doesn’t belong to us that is in our auric field. No matter how wonderful or wise another person may be, each of us can only operate authentically when powered by our own unique energetic vibration, and the energy of others can cloud our field and burden our energy systems. Try using the following method, adapted from the Friedlander technique, to clear your field.

Spiritual Energy System by Alex Grey

Spiritual Energy System by Alex Grey