Rekindling the Light Course E-Book


No mud, no lotus.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

awakening in the midst of chaos

2017 provided plenty of proverbial mud, and many are still feeling a bit stuck in the mudslide. So many sensitive, intuitive and empathic people are feeling caught in the polarity of these times as an opportunity for profound awakening, while also feeling overwhelmed by the turmoil in the world.

Do you find it difficult to remain hopeful in the midst of turbulence? Are you experiencing increased anxiety or depression as a result of the stress, tension and instability in the world? Are you striving to stay centered and grounded while engaged in activism?  If so, you are not alone; many empathic people are prone to heightened mental, emotional and physical malaise these days.  Thankfully, there are many forms of medicine for the soul that can help you weather these times, in community with others like you. Join us in creating a supportive container to thrive in the new year.

Drawn from traditional healing practices as well as research in neuroscience, mind-body medicine and mindfulness, the Rekindling the Light course provides meditations and shamanic processes to support you to reset habits and attitudes, build resilience, and revive capacity for compassion without self-depletion. Developed specifically for sensitive and empathic people who are highly affected by the turbulent cultural climate, this course offers support with boundaries, clearing and grounding. 

In this course, you will receive a comprehensive E-book with active links to guided meditations, audio recordings, self-care practices and more. 

E-book: $20 

If you feel you could benefit from support during these challenging times...

If you want a self-care practice but struggle to stay consistent...

If you are trying to remain centered in a chaotic world...

If you wish to thrive and be the best version of yourself...

This course is for you!


feedback from former course participants:

This program introduced me to numerous strategies that I had never thought of to support my practices of self care. There are several practices that were introduced that I still need to try but just having the seed planted in knowledge I know I have a tool box that I can turn to.
I really enjoyed the program. It helped me find time to stop and be mindful, gave me concrete tools I could use to expand my awareness and ground myself