rekindling the light

Welcome to the Rekindling the Light 6-week program! During this series, we'll explore traditional healing practices as well as techniques from neuroscience, mind-body medicine and mindfulness to support you to reset habits and attitudes, build resilience, and revive your capacity for compassion without self-depletion. Developed specifically for sensitive and empathic people who are highly affected by the turbulent cultural climate, this course offers support with boundaries, clearing and grounding. 


week one - intention & belief

Fields of study from biology to psychology to neuroscience have explored the power of intention and belief in shaping our health and informing our experiences. Using writing prompts to evaluate beliefs, set intentions, and craft affirmations, we'll begin by focusing what we want to call in for the upcoming year. What we give our attention to grows!

week two - clearing

In order to live into our intentions, we need to clear out the obstacles that get in the way. Sometimes it is helpful to identify the stuff that gets in the way, and sometimes it isn't even necessary. We'll learn a few different clearing techniques this week, which will be great to come back to and use throughout the rest of the program and beyond.

week three - grounding

Once we've set our course and begun clearing the obstacles in our path, getting grounded will support a firm footing to move forward. Being grounded helps keep us in our bodies and reminds us that we're not in charge - we can tap into greater resources beyond ourselves for strength and support. Grounding is essential for navigating turbulent times and challenging situations!

week four - boundaries

In the words of Brené Brown, boundaries are simply what's ok and what's not ok. This week, we'll learn new techniques for setting and maintaining boundaries. 

week five - mindfulness

Mindfulness simply means AWARENESS, and is a practice of continually bringing the attention back to the present moment without judgment. This week we'll work with a few mindfulness meditations and practices of bringing mindfulness into all of our daily activities. 

week six - embodiment

Working with Somatic and Buddhist mindfulness practices, we'll explore a 'bottom-up' instead of 'top-down' experience. As a culture we tend to prioritize mental processes and spend way too much time in our heads, out of touch with the sensory and somatic wisdom of the body.