free audio recordings


sacred space

In this free audio recording, Dr. Quinn briefly discusses creating sacred space and shares techniques for clearing and grounding. Sacred space is simply a dedicated time and space set aside for the purposes of a daily practice of self-care and connection with divinity.

vagus nerve guided meditation

In this free audio meditation, Dr. Quinn leads a brief guided imagery process to visualize the vagus nerve and it's optimal functioning in regulating the breath, heart rate, and digestion. The vagus nerve (cranial nerve X) governs automatic visceral functions and responds to minute changes in the internal or external environment perceived as stressors. Optimizing vagal tone has been demonstrated to improve mood, digestion, and overall health.

grounding meditation

The practice of grounding the root chakra and Instinctive Center is helpful for re-centering, recharging, and releasing what does not serve us to be most effective and capable in the present moment.