In her practice, Dr. Quinn uses the modalities described below, working with you to create an individualized plan of recommendations based on your unique concerns. At your initial consultation, Dr. Quinn will take a thorough history and review your medical records as well as any medications or supplements you are currently taking. There may be recommendations for additional testing, such as blood work or functional medicine tests, or referrals to specialists and other providers. The initial consultation is a one hour appointment, and follow up visits are typically 30-60 minutes. For information about scheduling and fees, visit our patient Forms page. 


Dr. Quinn offers distance consultation internationally via Skype, telephone, or other telecommunication services. For online scheduling of remote consultation, click here.


Incorporating a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, Cranio Sacral, and shamanic healing techniques Dr. Quinn provides limpia clearing sessions. A healing session can help restore your connection to your authentic Self, clear unwanted and outdated patterns that obstruct your path, fortify healthy boundaries, and ground and connect you to your source of power.You can find more information about shamanic healing here.


Licensed naturopathic doctors are general practitioners specializing in natural medicine.  Training is grounded in Western biomedical science, and integrates natural modalities including botanical medicine, nutrition and homeopathy.  Naturopathic doctors specialize in evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine, bridging the worlds of conventional and holistic medicine with a scientific research. 


Herbal medicine has been used for millennia in all cultures and in every part of the world. Many herbs are quite safe, but some require expertise and appropriate dosing for safety and efficacy. Board-certified naturopathic doctors combine the traditional wisdom of herbal medicine with a skilled awareness of herb-drug interactions and contraindications, so they may be used in the safest manner possible. 


Developed by Austrian physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago, homeopathy operates on the principle that 'like cures like.' Homeopathy is a subtle yet powerful modality to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. In her work Dr. Quinn uses constitutional and acute classical homeopathy as well as combination remedies for Biotherapeutic Drainage. 


Dr. Quinn often recommends nutrient supplementation consisting of individual or combined micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.  These recommendations are grounded in an understanding nutritional biochemistry and evidence-based research for nutrient supplementation. Based on your evaluation, the recommendations are streamlined for minimal and essential supplementation to address deficiencies and optimize health.


Hippocrates said, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food." This dictum is taken to heart in naturopathic medicine, with over 130 hours of clinical nutrition training. At your consultation, Dr. Quinn will help you develop an individualized nutritional plan, and can work with you to integrate dietary changes in a sustainable way for your lifestyle.


Nature-based interventions, which simply involve spending time in nature, have been found to improve many parameters of physical and mental health. The term“Ecotherapy” refers to healing and growth nurtured by healthy interaction with the Earth, and in Dr. Quinn's practice your treatment plan will include time in nature!