Shamanic Journey

A shamanic journey is an experience of non-local consciousness in which one can identify guides and helpers, track for information, recover lost soul parts, receive and offer healing, and gain insight from the Higher Self. Also called 'Active Dreaming' (Robert Moss), this method invites your skeptical mind to wait at the door while you open your imagination to possibility. There is no right or wrong experience, and whatever you 'think' you encounter is the experience. Some people are very visual, some more feeling or sensation oriented; take in the information without judgment, you can process and 'reality check' it afterwords.

Lie down with your eyes closed in a comfortable position. You may use the below audio drumming to 'fuel' your journey; toward the end of the recording, the rhythm changes, which will call you back to the present and your physical body. 

For the initial journey, visualize in your mind's eye a tree of your imagining. This may be a tree you know well, like the one in your back yard, or a more general tree that comes to mind like a white pine or elegant willow. You will use this tree as a 'portal' to the underworld, a part of the shamanic landscape where you will ask to meet a guide or helper that is available to you at this time. As you visualize the tree, you might imagine yourself crawling down below the roots of the tree, or climbing in to a hole in the side of the tree and entering a new realm. Once there, allow yourself to be open Once there, allow yourself to be open to whatever experience takes shape, with the intention of seeking and finding a guide or helper. When you encounter anyone on your path, you can ask them 'are you my guide' and be open for their response. If you receive an affirmative, you can proceed to get acquainted and discover what insights or gifts they may have for you at this time. When it's time to conclude, make sure to express your gratitude before coming back out of the journey.