somatic centering

History and conditions “shape” the lives of individual and collective bodies, in part through eliciting survival strategies for dealing with social circumstances that interact with our inherent need for safety, belonging, value, and meaning. These strategies can become so central to our “being” that they are no longer conscious responses but unconscious reactions. That is, they are embodied states.
— Richard Strozzi-Heckler, The Art of Somatic Coaching


somatic awareness

The first step in Somatic Awareness is to be aware of sensations. Sensations are the building blocks and the foundational language of life; they appear as temperature, pressure, shape, and movement. Sensations are sources of information and are a direct way of connecting with the self. Sensations are always present and interlinked with our thinking, acting, feeling, sensing, perception, and emotions. By bringing our attention to sensations we can bring ourselves into the present moment.


Practice: somatic centering

Center yourself in three directions, by length, width and depth. Make more room for yourself from the inside out along these three planes.


Elongate the spine through the top of your head while your skeleton and limbs hang down. Soften the muscles and the joints that will soften. Length is the plane of dignity, what we are inherently born with. Extend lengthwise, gaining height through the crown of your head.


Allow yourself to take up more space on the horizontal plan. Relax the belly, let the shoulder blades drop, expand the chest to open the heart space. This is the plane of connection, boundaries and how we relate to others. Expand your shape horizontally, filling your form with the in-breath, radiating out with the out-breath.


Be aware of your back body: the back of your head, shoulders, the lower back. The back represents all that has gone before, in your lifetime and in generations of ancestral lifetimes. Soften the back, and move your awareness through space from back to front, opening and expanding. The front represents is all that is yet to come, our hopes and aspirations and what we work toward. Experience an expansion as you fill your shape through the front and the back.

Allow yourself to Be in the present moment, completely present in your body through the dimensions of length, width and depth. 

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