full moon web of light meditation

During a shamanic journey I had the beautiful vision that bringing back the light as individuals and within communities would light up the planet like constellations, reflecting the stars. The following guided meditation was inspired by that vision, and incorporates the power of words to resonate with our inner light.  The Full Moon is a great time to AMPLIFY the light within and ceremonially connect with others in communities of light. The meditation is written below, and provided as a short guided audio meditation as well. 

Focus your attention on your body, visualizing each body part, each organ, and going down to the cellular level, each cell in your body. Observe your heart beating, your blood flowing through your veins. See with your mind's eye the light that animates every organ and every cell in your body, keeping it alive and in constant movement. Marvel at this light within you, vibrating each living cell of your body. Now notice how the frequency of different words affect this light. Focus on the words GRATITUDE, LOVE and AWE.  See how they vibrate within your being, and affect each of the cells in your body. Notice how every word and thought that you have impacts your cells, your organs, your entire being. Meditating on GRATITUDE, LOVE and AWE, allow the light within you to grow and expand out, shining out through your skin, radiating out to the room, to your house, through your town, to the entire continent, the whole planet and out through the galaxy. See how your light is connected by a web to the light of others, shining out to the entire universe.

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